Welcome to Saraji Research Group

Our specializations are in interfacial interactions, bulk and interfacial rheology, non-linear flow, and multiphase flow through porous media. We apply this fundamental knowledge to develop engineered waterflooding solutions and novel Enhanced Oil Recovery techniques for conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

Foam-assisted Gas Injection

Our aim is to alleviate inherent problems with gas injection such as early gas breakthrough, conformance control, and unswept zones through the application of foam-assisted gas injection. We study foaming agents, foam stability, rheology, and foam performance in porous media at harsh reservoir conditions.

Engineered Water-flooding


We seek to develop customized recipes for advanced water-flooding techniques in a wide range of oil reservoir. We investigate and optimize brine salinity, ion content, boosting chemicals such as surfactants, nanofluids, and other novel complex fluids.

Enhanced Oil Recovery in Unconventional Reservoirs

Our goal is to develop new EOR techniques in ultra-tight and unconventional reservoirs considering the fundamental aspects of fluid transport in these reservoirs including transport in tight matrix, complex wettability behavior, fracture-matrix interactions, and dynamics of multiphase flow in fracture network. 


Dr. Soheil Saraji

Department of Petroleum Engineering

University of Wyoming

1000 E. University Ave.

Laramie, Wyoming 82071

(307) 766-6557  |  ssaraji@uwyo.edu